Wire Vine and A Tobacco Tin: A Good Match

I've posted about wire vine before and I still think it's sooooo pretty!  Last year I only planted one plant.

And, it pretty much just sat there and did nothing all summer.  Bad location and soil.
So, I brought it in last fall planted in this old tobacco can.
And, it pretty much just sat there all winter and did nothing.

Someone suggested I fertilize it.  ?!?!?!?!
I had seriously not even thought of that. Sheesh!
I fertilized!

Now, it's finally starting to grow and I'm going to try and keep this one as a house plant.  

I have two more planted outside that are growing too!  They are in the same location as in the post I linked earlier so should do well.

It's romantic even in a tobacco tin!

I usually have an ironstone saucer under it for the drainage, but took it out for pictures.  


  1. my green thumb abandoned me- I have killed nearly everything this Spring from neglect...sigh...only so many hours in a day and only so much of 110 heat I can stand....

    I should go back to houseplants maybe..you give me hope

  2. sweet! I swear by miracle grow for everything :)

  3. I have a similar plant.......... need to take a photo. I bought it at Roundtop this past time and the vendor called it Angel Vine. I've never taken it out of the pot I bought it in, but set it inside a pretty stone pot... sitting on my counter..... would probably do better outside. Maybe I should feed it? !!! great idea! Love yours!

  4. Okay....... I googled it. They ARE the same plant and they are native to New Zealand! We can ask Carole about it!!!!


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