Romantic Wire Vine

These photos are from the back yard last year.
I personally just discovered wire vine last year and was tickled with how beautiful it was with rusty iron!

If you could call a plant, vintage looking, that's what I would call this vine.

I planted it here along with a black eyed susan vine.  I don't remember what the variety was called but it was more apricot colored than the yellow back eyed susan vine.

The leaves are so delicate and romantic looking. If you don't have rusty iron in your garden, how about a make shift planter out of old bricks?  This vine would be perfect with the patina of old bricks.

I found the vine again yesterday at Bomgaars and the clerk told me they have carried it for years...hhmmm...not sure how I missed this little gem until last year.  

I'm just glad I've found it!
Please, you gardeners...has this been around for years?

I took the dried vine and used it in this project around the base. The dried vine could make neat little wreaths too.


I'm linking up with Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!!


  1. Is it a perennial?? I think I like it!

  2. oh, i love that, they call it angel vine here.

  3. mmmm, i'd call it "that green vine stuff" and then i would proceed to kill it no matter how hard i tried to make it grow. =(

    love the pics, so rich and earthy.

  4. Beautiful. I saw something like it recently and now I must have it! :)

  5. Love your photos, Jill! Especially that last one! And you're so right! It does have that vintage look. It reminds me of a plant fave of mine...button fern.

    I like the look of it dried, too.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I will be busy getting stuff into the shop, because once my daughter goes into labor...there will be no time for shop stuff!!

    Hugs to you!

  6. I googled and it appears it is a perennial in zones 7-10. (Not here!) When I look at pictures online the angel vine looks the same but I haven't found yet where it says it's the same plant.

  7. Just love your blog Jill! I found you from that sweet Rebecca Sower's site. You have inspired me to look for some beauty in my trek out tomorrow for Mother's day at a local herb barn and Farmjhouse cafe. Will post photos next week. Thank you and Happy weekend to you!

  8. Yoo hoo! A perennial in my zone! Your pics are just wonderful. This plant does have a romantic, vintage look to it. Sort of reminds me of the same type of beauty found in the maidenhair fern. I've spent a lot of hours [over many, many years] walking the aisles in big nurseries/greenhouses and don't recall this plant. But I'm sure going to keep my eyes peeled for it on my next visit! Very inspiring, Jill!

  9. Hi Jill, I'm so sorry I missed seeing this gorgeous post. I love this angel vine. my cats seem to think it's their personal cat chew. Love how you've used it in the "cage". It's just so "vintage"!!! Hope you'll link up again for VIF, xoxo Debra

  10. Hi! I am in zone 7 and made the huge mistake of planting this in my garden, in the ground. Here, it is a perennial and spreads and leaps all over. Not only is it a spreader, it is a climber and has taken over my rosemary. This spring's project was to pull out ivy. Next year, it will be the wire vine. It is a beautiful plant, is beautiful in planters, and would do great on a slope where nothing else grows, but beware! I would keep it confined in a pot. Treat it like mint.


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