Tea on Tuesday::Texture Tuesday::Tuesday with the "Kims"

Just some fun with shadows this morning with my coffee cup for Tea on Tuesday and Texture Tuesday as I link up with the talented Kims.
When the morning sun streams in our big window in the kitchen, I can sometimes catch some great shadows on a corner of the counter top, a small section of the floor, and for a bit on an open wall, as above in these photos.

I (heart) shadows...

I textured the shadows with Kim's Golden texture on overlay blend mode.

For more Tea (or coffee) and for more Textured photos, visit the Kims:

Art in Red Wagons with Kimmie  
Kim Klassen's Cafe

Yesterday it was 100 degrees here?!  I think there was frost just five days ago and will be down to a low in the 40s by the end of the week...windows open, windows closed, windows open, windows closed....Have a great day all!


  1. Very cool images! I don't think we saw 40 this year during our winter but we are seeing temps at 100 now and they won't be cooling off until maybe November or December. :/ Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  2. These photos are just gorgeous. There is no other word that comes to mind. I'm so impressed with your photo and digital image skills. Shadows in the kitchen sounds like the name of a wonderful topic!

    I had to see where you were from because yesterday it was 99 degrees F here. And like you, last week everyone was covering their plants because of frost. But it's not supposed to get down to the mid 30s to 40s again anytime soon. Like until late autumn. Hope you are enjoying your coffee at Tea today. I sure am mine!

  3. Love, love, love the photos above! Great job!

  4. Aaah, the mystery of shadows and your photos are lovely - though I would have difficulty in holding the cup and taking a pic of it at the same time!!

  5. Great photos! I wish I could sit down for a cuppa this morning..busy day already started...serve breakfast to bnb guests, get to work at the bank from 10-2, try to get a texture tuesday post done ( as you can see it was a rushed one)...so gotta run! Always love checkin out your pics. Stay cool :)

  6. Great photos! I love shadows too .... And your wall has fabulous texture!! We have had only "windows closed" lately .... I would love to have even a 70 degree day!! Oh well, it's coming sooner or later!

    Happy Tuesday(s)!!!

  7. FuN shadow play! Looks like you have adobe walls. :)
    We haven't reached 100*, but have been fainting, nonetheless, in 90+ heat. I look forward to the regularly scheduled "spring" temps later in the week. This old house doesn't air condition well!!!!

    No tea post for me today (I am STILL under reconstruction!), but I am visting everyone else today (I NEED a break!)

  8. Those are gorgeous! Love the color too.

  9. ooo I heart shadows too ... yours are magical indeed Jill!

    we enjoyed THE most delicious coffees all over Switzerland recently

    Mother Nature does whatever she pleases it seems...how amazing your weather changes are!

    Your Texture Tuesdays are so enjoyable!
    Happy Days to you and yours!

  10. Very creative!!

  11. Love your shadow play!! We are having the same weather games - now rain again, after almost drying out!!
    In your previous post, I've seen those crocheted stones on another blog, - how lucky you got one!!!


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