Mosaic Monday

Peaceful.  Serene.  Tranquil.  Still.  Untroubled. Quiet.  Restful.  Art.

These crocheted covered rocks were sent to me from a friend, Ruth, that I"ve met through blogging.  I was so honored to receive these pieces of art!!  They are truly beautiful and exude peace in their simple form.  She was inspired by Margaret Oomen of Resurrection Fern Blog.  Margaret shares a tutorial on how to crochet a stone cover here, and to make a baby stone here.  She also very graciously has a list of her tutorials on her blog here.  You can bowse Margaret's work in her Etsy shop here.  It's all so very lovely!  I'm so grateful to Ruth, not only for the stones but for introducing me to the work of Margaret.  I think you'll like it too :)

For more mosaics, stop over at the Little Red House!


  1. these are beautiful - I love the contrast in textures - what a great present!

  2. I've long admired these crochet-covered stones. What a beautiful mosaic, full of peaceful beauty. I hope your week reflects that same mood.

  3. Love it! The mosaic really brings out their beauty!!

    Have a great week!

  4. This is gorgeous!
    Always wanted to learn to crochet...

  5. Oh, these are so fun! Love your photography....I took some time the other day to take my camera out and explore.

  6. They are pretty and what a lovely idea. Gorgeous mosaic.

  7. You tease me, but I told you the one thing I cannot do is crochet and I have been swooning over these crochet rocks ever since I first noticed them on a few sites. You lucky gal. They are beautiful. thanks for the link :D

  8. Your mosaic is beautiful Jill. These little rocks are treasures for sure!

  9. I stopped by for tea today and oh what a lovely bit of roaming I've had...
    I am a rock collector and just happen to have some sea urchins too...AND I can least I could last time I tried!
    Thank you for so much lovely eye candy and inspiration!


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