When the Frame Becomes the Art

I have been picking up a few bed frames to use in projects.  Not really sure what projects for sure, I just know there is some potential there. :)
This head board is the prettiest green. My plan is that it will be the back of a bench and sitting right here in front of this tank.

Here is the foot board of the same bed.  I like the decal on it so much I thought it would look neat to hang it in the house.  Well, I'm planting and putzing around with some other stuff in the garden, so.....Randy?

"Sure", he says.  So with the grinder that I gave him as a gift last year,    (how convenient is that?! actually, he DID ask for it) he cut out the center part of the bed for me.

Last cut. See the sparks shooting up to the right? Then he proceeded to grind the edges smooth.

Isn't that pretty?

He drilled a hole in the back for me to hang it. I painted the cut edges and sprayed the whole thing with a clear acrylic matte finish spray just to give it a smooth and finished look.

Here it hangs next to my hoosier in the dining room.

Since I've recently changed out the hoosier from reds to greens and neutrals, it fits here great.

It would also be a great magnetic message board!

So, while we're here, I'll show you my collection of insulators.  The earthen colored and white ones are just beautiful in my opinion.  I've never done any research on them  but I assume these are older than the green and clear ones since I see them less often.

The colors and shapes are just great!

Now, there are the pieces left that were cut off from the foot board...what to do with them?!  Any ideas?


  1. Just love what you did with the footboard and how perfect it looks in your dining room! I love the idea of a "bench" with the headboard. We have a darling cafe in the "lost barrio" of Tucson and they use these benches at their oil cloth covered tables...love that look! I'm thinking your remaining pieces still have a charm to them...maybe arms for the bench?

  2. Would never have thought to cut up the headboard like that but it turned out great! Love the brown bowl in the bottom right. I have 3! Something down to earth and unpretentious about brown. Love your style.

  3. wonderful piece! love it.

    barbara jean

  4. Arms for the bench? that could be a great idea!

  5. Just love this post! The piece in the dining room is beautiful.

  6. So awesome Jill! Isn't it handy to have a handy man around! I love your cupboard, it is full of such lovely treasures.
    sending hugs,

  7. I am so glad you brought the beautiful floral inside....what about using the left overs for trellis pieces in the tank garden. My sis and I have a pretty funny insulator hunting story ....night time, colorado, abandoned phone lines.....boys.... have always had a fondness for insulators!

  8. Don't throw them away!!! How about if those two left over halves were fashioned into the arms for your bench?

  9. Finally! blogger is back up! Oh my goodness, Jill!!!!!! I LOVE what you did with that bed frame. A grinder? Would of those work for taking off the extra metal on old typewriter keys? If so, I know what I'm getting my hubby for Father's Day {lol!}. And those insulators. I'm in awe. My late father loved insulators and had quite a few of the green glass ones. I've never seen an earthen or milk glass insulator. What visual interest when they're all displayed together. You rock! Xo, Sue

  10. ...crazy...the other comments disappeared when blogger was down.

  11. Now that is having an eye for something very unique! I love your new wall art! Great idea. Since starting to blog, I have been so inspired by other peoples ideas and recycling and making junk look great!! Stop by That Country Place sometime :)

  12. Great idea. I love the rose painting on the headboard. And you have a great collection of insulators!

  13. O.k. You are The Idea Maven for sure!! When you first talked about making a bench, I thought, "that's nice, but way too much work!" ... But the idea for a wall hanging - now I can do that! Maybe I'll convince my husband he needs a dremmell for father's day ;)

  14. Super cool! You definitely have an eye for design.
    Love the insulator collection. I've never seen many of the styles you have.

  15. Upcycling extraordinaire!! love this so much! very clever! Mx


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