Mosaic Monday

Starting them young.....!  So, I have this lamp that hasn't sold at my booth.  The shade was in pretty good condition with just a little staining, but really I just think wine colored satin bows aren't "in style" even in the vintage world.  So, deconstruction!

Now, if you're thinking you're going to see some great lamp shade redo like the one shown here at Amy's Four Corner's Design... or here at Connie's blog  She Dreams Big... well, you'll have to wait. :( sorry!  I don't even have a plan.  I just knew it needed to be started and it was a great project for my little gals to work on while I deconstructed a radio.  So stay tuned...but don't hold your breath!  And, if you have any ideas on tweaking the lamp along with the shade, please speak up!

Once again, I'm linking up with Mary over at the Little Red House.

Happy Monday!


  1. How fun!! Those lamp shades that you linked to are awesomeness!!
    I bought a shade frame a couple of days ago that I need to play around with ~


  2. thank you sweetie for the shout-out! I'm so glad that you ripped it apart - that's the first step...I can't wait to see what you do with it - including just leaving it naked!
    have a great week!

  3. Oh this is too cute! :D Love it!

  4. here is one I think would be fun and easy

  5. What great photos! Best of luck with your lamp re-do.

  6. What a cute post, Jill! Such adorable little helpers. Won't you be surprised to find out that they've learned so well that one day you come home to find they've deconstructed a couch for you!!!! Not long ago I saw a neat shade where someone clipped old french postcards in each opening but can't remember where I saw it. Favorite photos all changed to sepia would be fun to clip along the top....I know you'll come up with something clever! Xo


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