The Treasures To Be Found...

My kids said, "Uhg, what is it?"
My husband said, "Not sure I like that, kind of..."
A friend said, "Not so sure about that..."

To which I replied,  "I know, I'm not so sure myself."

So, "it" has been waiting patiently for me since I bought it a couple of months ago at an auction.  50 cents.  Someone had to buy it, I didn't want it to be a "no bid".

The right arm is a little crumbly at the shoulder so I was sure that the rags had been attached (and sewn) on to hold it together.  I debated and debated whether or not I should take the rags off.  Would it just crumble down?  But, I really didn't like the rags on it.  I tried to convince myself that it gave it character.  But, they didn't.

So, here it goes. I decided to take them off.  Hmm, scarves underneath.

At some point in my decision to take the rags off, "it" became "she". And, she was looking better.

She is completely intact!  I was surprised and thrilled.  So, why the rags?!  The auction was for the belongings of a many named Johnny.  I wonder if Johnny's wife (who died many years ago) isn't the one who thought she was better off covered!

This piece was completely inconsistent with everything else Johnny owned and collected.  Someone had made this years ago. How and why she was in Johnny's basement I'll never know.  I've asked two people who could have known, hoping to find out who the artist was, but, they had no idea.

She is actually quite beautiful, isn't she?

And, peaceful.

I think she's wonderful.

She has a new home now in the tank garden, out in the sun without the binding rag and scarves.  (Yes, I saved the fabric!)

I have named her, Ruth.


  1. She's beautiful. I can totally picture her in a garden, peeking out from flowers or something :)

  2. ..and so continues on the legend of Ruth for another family. How wonderful.

  3. She's wonderful! I'm wondering myself why someone would have this in their basement??? Johny Kucera?

  4. I am quite anxious to see the tank garden blossom this summer! She is beautiful.

  5. I like her and I could also see her sitting among the flowers in the garden. Don't you know she's glad to be out of that basement!

  6. What a find that turned out to be! I thought the scarves were for modesty, but she is a very modest girl after all! 50 cents- what a deal!

  7. She really is beautiful! I was having serious doubts .... But with out her "clothes" she is transformed! I love the concrete patina .... Good call!

  8. Oh My Gosh - 50 cents. It is so true that we must NOT judge a book by it's cover!

  9. It must have been Karma that brought you two together. She must have known that you would set her free, and what a fitting name.

  10. What a shame she was so oddly wrapped up. She is beautiful. My daughter walked by, giggled and pointing..."I can see her thingies." Oh, to be 8 again.

  11. Ruth is just a fantastic addition to your garden! Will she be invited to the wedding? I'm thinking she could hand out programs! tee!hee!

  12. Oh my goodness....what a find, Jill. seriously...50 cents. The way she was dressed was a riot. Ruth definitely has a bright new future. She would be a fun photo session...your old camera around her neck...a potted plant sitting on her lap...or just hanging out as you have her. Xo, Sue

  13. i love her ! she just got better and better as you removed the layers !


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