Mosaic Monday....And, A Cool Mosaic Link

Well, I'm working on the tank and there.  My planting is slipshod at best.  Last fall I threw out some poppy seeds.  Of course I didn't mark where, because I'm sure it was late and getting dark.  Now, I'm trying to identify my weeds versus potential poppies.

Also this spring I put in a large mail order from Burgess.  I don't know if you've ever ordered by mail, but what you get is small twigs.  I knew that, but it's just sooooo much cheaper plus you can get what you want and you aren't just subject to what they sell in the tiny green houses around here.  Well tiny twigs and seeds again require marking or a decent memory.  I no longer have a decent memory and began marking a few, but time was running short, other duties called.  So each little sprout I see I'm eying and again trying to discern weed or plant.  And, if plant....what is it?!  Time will tell except for what doesn't grow, that I'll never know because there isn't a record of it.  (Does that deem a smiley face or a sad face?)

But, let me show you something really cool I discovered yesterday.

Click these links and mouse over the pictures.

I'm not entirely sure how this will be incorporated into Blogger blogs yet, but super neat huh?  For more information check out this site:

For more Mosaics:

I hope your week is off to a great start!!


  1. Okay - that is totally cool!!! The flipcard one I love!!!

    As for the gardening/weed thing... you could be like me - let it all grow - then be happily surprised when you realize there are indeed flowers in there! LOL

    ;-D robelyn

  2. Did you not see my link to this a couple months ago? How did we miss talking about this? It is so much fun. I spent days doing it to all my favorite blogs, including yours :D

    I haven't done it in awhile. Think I'll go play....


  3. You are too funny! Your gardening technique sounds a lot like mine. Never know what I'm going have pop up in my garden.

  4. CREATIVE planters ..CREATIVE mosaic ..

  5. Way cool Jill! I could see it helpful to find something that I know I saw on a certain blog but don't want to scroll through the whole thing to find it. Or even to find something on my own blog. I'll check it out! Hope you don't have to load each photo separately! Right now I am working on a wedding guest book at Blurb. So time consuming!

  6. Thanks for that!
    I love your little garden-on-wheels.

  7. I'm all for letting it grow and be surprised! That's my technique!

  8. My iPad is only reading the mosaic view. I will have to look into this more in depth. Is it a change like the wordpress blogs have? It sure beats google reader :)

  9. Well WOWEE that first mosiac link kept me busy for a long long time...amazing and wonderful and I have not a clue 'how' that might be accomplished!

    Your tank garden is really exciting...such special containers and I feel your weed/flower dilemma...more than once I've felt a bit of a fool when I realized that I'd let a plant grow and indeed it was a weed..but then some weeds are pretty...oh dear...round and round it goes...LOL
    It will be fun to see your garden grow Jill!

  10. It WILL be interesting to see how these features are used by Blogger - where did you find them? I liked the snapshot feature.

    And I garden much like you - always thinking I should label and never actually doing it. Makes for more surprises!

  11. Love your garden on wheels (portable? ;)
    The first time I planted seeds, I pulled the shasta daisies (they LOOKED like weeds) and allowed the weeds to flourish. Now I know slightly more about gardening!

  12. It's always a struggle when the "garden" begins to grow - isn't it!! Funny - and we love those mosaics that you created...looks like this will be a lot of fun Jill1

  13. I do relate to the gardening issues. The new technique is over my head right now....I'm so behind in blog readings...been away for over a week. I WILL catch up tho. You are such a great blogger....I do feel inspired, Jill!

  14. Jill, Your tank garden is truly one of my favorites of all the things you've posted about! And that's saying A LOT because I think all of your projects {and creative imagination} are just the best!

    Just for the record, I do exactly the same thing with not marking where I've planted what... There is a saying I used to use with my kids: "If you can't do it right the first time, then you better save some time to do it over."

    Hope you weren't in the line of any of those wicked storms... Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend! Xo, Sue

  15. Your tank garden is awesome!! Really like your blog!!


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