So, the Baby Had a Party.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the party decorations for our granddaughter's birthday party.
There isn't a lot of natural light in there and I didn't bring my tripod, so I did the best I could with exposure.
Not birthday decorations, but house may note the nine frames in a grid on the right, these are all the photos from the "family tree" display at their wedding.  The history of the wedding of parents and grandparents hang in their dining room, so neat!

A lot of my daughter's projects were inspired by blogs via Pinterest. 
The book page table runner was one of them.  She used double sided tape to put the book pages together and the edges were punched with a border punch I have.  Very cute.  Very simple. The original is here.

 Free chalkboard print outs from here.

My second daughter helped my oldest make the cupcake toppers and crowns.  These paper hearts were sprinkled with edible glitter.

And, the crowns.  Oh my, tooooo cute.  I'm not one to go in too much for "princess this and princess that" even with five daughters.  But, these crowns were just really neat.   You can read the "how to" here

The "A" is just a chip board letter painted and glittered.  The silhouette is actually my granddaughter.  My daughter asked me to take a profile picture of her with a fairly plain and light colored back ground, then I used Photoshop to select just her head and printed it out.  Then my daughter adhered it to black paper and cut around the image.  She used the silhouette cutter to cut out the letters "one year old".

The silhouette, a couple of crowns, the A, and the banner will all go in her room now for decorations. 

I helped make the cake topper out of paper and ribbon.  And, this was my daughter's first attempt at decorating a cake.  Pretty awesome!!

Simple tulle bows on the light fixtures and chairs.  Very feminine, very easy.

I thought this was so fun! 

She took a lot of her instagram pictures of the baby from her first year and had them printed.

And, using tape, put them up on the wall in the shape of a "1".
I'm pretty sure this is going up on the wall in her room too.  
Won't that be fun for her to point at and look at pictures now in the coming year?

A vintage frame with a chalkboard to announce the celebration.

It hangs in this wall arrangement.  It also includes wedding pictures, baby pictures, and their ring pillow from their wedding.

The birthday banner.

And, a little banner for the high chair.

And, what's a party without snacks and balloons?!

Of course we all had to have pictures with the crowns.  But, I'll only show you a couple!
My littlest gals.

Queen mama and her one year old!

Her first taste of sweets ever was a couple of bites of her birthday cake.

About midway through the afternoon, a little royal nap was needed!

I'm glad you stopped by to "celebrate" with us. :)

I hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. Such a darling little Princess. I'm with you - not too big on the whole Princess mentality for little girls. But a bit of it is fun. The party details are lovely - especially the book page runner, the banners and the cake - what a great job you all did.

  2. simply beautiful and perfect for a first birthday

  3. OH how very precious in every detail from beginning to end ... I could not stop smiling

    thank you for sharing
    and so many great links too

    Brightest of Continued Blessings on the Birthday Girl and all those who Love her!

  4. Awww...great ideas!! LOVE that cake with the banner...but the guest of honor STEALS the show...she is beautiful!!

  5. Oh my goodness - how wonderful!!! I love it all, but mostly I LOVE the photos on the wall - and the last picture of the little sleeping beauty is priceless - so sweet!


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