"I'm One! I'm One!"

Our granddaughter is one today!  We helped her celebrate yesterday.  

Hopefully, I'll get some pictures of her sweet party decor posted this week.

Life has been quite full around here, hence the scarcity of blog posts.  The one big focus being my son's upcoming graduation in May!  

When I get overwhelmed, I remember our ongoing slogan:

"What gets done, gets done, and what doesn't, doesn't."  

Profound, huh? :)


  1. I tell myself that profound statement all the time - especially when things are busy. Your little grand girlie is adorable. Happy Birthday, Little One.

  2. The quote is perfect and it is something my husband says now and again to me ;)
    What a precious little birthday girl ... she is darling with her bare tootsies!
    Happy Spring!

  3. yes.........my kind of statement....... and your granddaughter is darling... I will have to check out the tutorial....... love that!!!!


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