It's Been Spring Here!

We took advantage of the nice weather and took some pictures of our one year old granddaughter!

We set up a tent for some of the pictures.  It seemed like a good photo op for everyone.  
The youngest first.

Then came along big sister.  

Then I hopped in.

And, along came Dad and the girls had to give him tea!

My son wouldn't crawl in....and my oldest daughter with the baby (toddler, now!) didn't get a chance to crawl in.

Ahhh...time under a quilted tent sounds pretty wonderful doesn't it?! 

Probably not going to happen for awhile here.  Graduation prep is well under way and as soon as the pictures were over we had to bring everything in and keep movin' on.  At least we had time for fun pictures.

Cold is back in our forecast for tomorrow.  Oh well!


  1. but it looks like it was great fun while it lasted!

  2. You will treasure these photos for decades to come. So precious<3

  3. So much fun! What is it about a tent that is so appealing? The confined space? The sense of coziness? Whatever, it makes for great photos.

  4. Good thing you did this before today! Love the pictures!

  5. what a wonderful setting for a photo shoot - so playful and fun - who couldn't help but smile being under such a colorful and childlike canopy? I love the idea of taking time out for some family portraits - time really runs away from us and unless we set aside times like this, the moments are lost! great job!

  6. oh so sweet ... a pretty tent and smiling faces ... doesn't get much better than that!

  7. It all looks idyllic Jill, even if it didn't last long :)

  8. Beautiful! You do such a great job of planning things!


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