Contrary to this Photo, Recycling is Not Negative :)

Since Monday was Earth Day, I thought I'd show you this art photograph I took a long time ago.

If you'd like to read about our local recycling center and it's beauty, click here.

I hope your days are going well and that spring will come soon!


  1. That is an interesting photo - lots to explore in it.

  2. each and every thing we recycle makes us feel so good ...
    it is so nice that it is finally fashionable for younger people to get on the band wagon too ...
    it certainly has taken long enough!

  3. Recycling is foundational - I'm glad your community recycles

    Thank you or your kind words recently on my blog - you have words of wisdom from someone who definitely knows what it is to raise kids and be true

  4. I am a passionate recycler, so I really loved this!

  5. Great post! Someone told me the other day....... "about the only thing the younger generation feels guilty about now is recycling."


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