Dancer Silhouettes

In January, I posted about our dancing snowflake ballerinas. And, in February, showed you more of our dancing silhouettes.  Well, this past weekend, I got a chance to take a couple quick silhouette pictures of our very own dancing ballerinas right before the dance recital held at the school.

 We have two in dance and it was a full two days for them with dress rehearsal and two performances.

I will not even remember the missing gloves incidents.  Yes, plural. Certainly not a big deal, just mishaps to keep one humble and to keep life in perspective.  

The costumes were beautiful and bright and I have pictures of that too, but the simplicity of a silhouette always speaks more to me.

And, in this picture, the bonus of great shadows too. :)

I hope you all are allowing yourself some time to slow down in this very busy month of May. 

It's warm here again so I'm heading out to paint!


  1. oh goodie...Ya know if you have an overhead projector you could blow those up on a wall and copy them and cut them out of a light weight board with a stand and they would have full size ballerina "thems" for their rooms. The minute i saw them I thought ..YES!

  2. Those are such beautiful images - silhouettes have a wonderful mystery about them that really appeals to me.

  3. I LOVE backlighting ... These are beautiful images you've captured ... The girls seem so unsuspecting of a camera

  4. they are just SOOOO beautiful...


    ;-D robelyn

  5. They are adorable! Just precious!!!!


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