Riding Out the Storm

Okay, here the storm wasn't so much of a storm, thank the good Lord!  But, there were sirens and we did go to the basement.

You know, I have quite a few "rejection" stories of items that have proven to be helpful or good to keep.

Last night in the basement, I pulled from my stash of items to sell a game for us to play to occupy the minds of those who may be a bit worried about bad weather.  This game had not sold due to it's lack of neat game pieces.  

But, after all these years and an open box, all of the pieces were there.

And, it has a spinner that spins well!  The girls were all ready to camp in the basement all night with blankets and stuffed animals at the ready.  It didn't come to that, and although they were disappointed to not sleep down there, they were happy the danger passed!

"Caboose" It was easy to learn, easy to play, and a good distraction.  Once again, rejection isn't always a bad thing. :)


  1. I would have joined you...as I was sitting here watching the sheets of rain and wind blow once again.....keep safe!

  2. I'm glad you have a safe place to go - just in case


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