No to Sour Cream on Pie!

 The other day, I started chopping up some rhubarb my husband brought home from the farm.  

My little girls were sitting near reading as we had just come home from the library.

After awhile they noticed what I was doing.

And, they asked, "What is that?"  "It's rhubarb."

"Is it grown?" "Yes, it's grown, Dad brought it home from the farm."

  "Is it a fruit or a vegetable?"  "Hmmm....not sure.  I'll have to google."  Thank goodness, it's not "back in the day" and I'd have to actually go back to the library to find out!

Whether fruit or vegetable, it is enjoyable to chop, it's so pretty.

I'm not including the recipe because I think it could use some tweaking.  The first stage included cooking the rhubarb, sugar, and cornstarch until thick.  I wasn't sure about this step and almost burned it. 

Then you bake it and add a layer of cream cheese, sugar, and eggs, and bake again.

Should have stopped here.

But, it called for a layer of sour cream to be spread over the cooled pie.  A whole cup, of which I did not use.  I probably put one half cup on and that was too much!  

Scrape off the sour cream, serve with ice cream, and you've got a good dessert.  

My better judgement thought, NO to the sour cream, but then I thought, maybe?!  
Well, now I know.

So, do you know?  Is rhubarb a fruit or a vegetable?

A vegetable, but was ruled by a NY court in 1947 to be classified as a fruit because it is used as a fruit and thus lowered the tariffs on it.  

Well, now I know that too. 

I'll have to check and see if the girls still care. :)


  1. Enjoyed this post so much Jill...
    so interesting and pretty
    I could almost smell it

    we used to like strawberry rhubarb pie...yours sure sounds interesting

    I too often follow a recipe as it's written the first time around...the tweaking is fun the next times you make it

    it's time for bed and I'm hungry for pie
    thanks for the sweet dreams
    and I Love your little reading daughters ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I make a similar recipe, but we top ours with whipped cream - which I think delicious!

    Love the photo of your little girls reading by the window seat.

  3. I have tons of rhubarb - your recipe will be handy and I'll reserve the sour cream for taco night :)


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