Rejection: Not Always a Bad Thing

I have purchased a number of bushel baskets.
I kept a few of them and tried selling the rest.
Tried selling them quite reasonably priced I'll add.
In my booth, at a show, to pickers.
No one wanted any.
I don't understand.
I LOVE bushel baskets!

While we were painting and getting ready for graduation: a revelation:  "Hey, while the paint brush is full, let's quickly paint these baskets and I'll use them on the porch for flowers."
I had 4 terracotta  Azalea Pots that fit in them perfectly. They are shorter and wider than the typical terracotta pot.  These are my favorite size of pot because, well, they just look neat.  The size is not always readily available though.

This rejection turned out to be a really good thing.  I love my baskets of flowers on the porch!
You can see it was just starting to sprinkle when I took these pictures.  Last night, it rained all night, with lots of thunder!  One daughter slept through it and two of them were sleepless, a tad bit scared.

And, for today, Memorial Day:

I hope you are having a great weekend!!


  1. I would of bought them! I've been looking for some more and have been painting the ones I have! I love the white on yours! They look so pretty!

  2. these are fantastic - love the blossoms in them...I just saw a pic where they made hanging lights out of bushel there's a thought...

  3. Your baskets are great! Amazing what a little paint can do to change things.

  4. I love bushel baskets too! They look great painted!

  5. These are wonderful!! I am looking forward to tank garden pictures!!

  6. Your white washed baskets are just perfect...worked out well for you to have some extras to play with!

    My mother used to make lined laundry baskets with gingham oil cloth out of bushel baskets painting them in German flower style ... they were quite sturdy and held up nicely.

    I like that you've slipped your pot into your pretty baskets and can change them up as you see fit.

    we are getting a bit of rain today but nothing heavy ... yet

  7. I love bushel baskets too ... And would have snatched up yours if I were there! Stay safe through these storms ...

  8. I love bushel baskets and I love what you did with yours!


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