Decoration Revelation!

I'm sure this isn't new to many of you--but--LIGHT WHEN ON--BELL RANG--(in my head)when we were decorating the tree. I never use the neat bead garland I have because it falls off too easily, especially with little ones around.'s on the floor. My revelation--tie it on with wire ornament hangers!! Yeah, I know--dddduuuhhhh Jill- but hey--some of us are slower than others. Our tree is nicely adorned this year with silver beaded garland along with blue and silver balls and decorations- AND our collection of Star Trek ornaments.

Claire was sick again today so home from school-hence the face when I asked her to come pose in front of the tree ornament with me. This was too fun. I love the distortion of my hand and camera and nose--(OK the nose may not be so distorted!)


  1. LOVE the distortion. love your blog too.

    not back in the game, but here long enough to comment.


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