Just an Idea For You

I just love the old pop crates--any old box actually--always grabs my attention!
I have filled a couple of them with dried flowers for decor in my home.

First, fill with Spanish Moss, then the drieds--you can't go wrong!

All the books and magazines will tell you to pick flowers at their peak to hang and dry----I say enjoy the flowers in a bouquet or in your garden until they start to wilt then hang to dry--but I like to get the most bang for anything! Really, I've hung some almost dead flowers--and once their dry you can't tell! Especially roses, their heads can be drooping-just hang them upside down and when they are dry, I think they're beautiful.
Ask friends if you can have any of their flowers when they are ready to toss them, and before long you'll have enough to fill a box!

These are just dried grasses from our place (not the garden)! Try anything, you have nothing to lose. I've had weeds that have dried beautifully.


  1. What a great idea!
    Good to meet you here in cyber land, and thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Hope we stay in touch (:

  2. Nope, the dried grasses are more from my garden!! Funny they never look that pretty in the yard....hehehe


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