September Junkle Bells

Nine months and I'm still on track...unbelievable.  This month I've made my ornaments out of old book pages and one of my favorite materials, rusty hardware.

I made this one by punching out squares from the book pages.  I made about 30 squares, folded them in half and then glued each one to the next.  After the stack is glued, you glue the first one to the last and the circular ornament is formed!  For the center, I rolled up a piece of book page and glued, then slid it through the center of the ornament.  I used a very small punch to make the holes in the top and bottom of the paper tube center to hang a reclaimed jewelry heart with jute.  I just used jute to hang the ornament from also.

 This ornament was made from a round punch and glueing the pieces as I described above.  This time for the center, I glued in a rusty eye bolt in the top and a fairly large bolt in the bottom.

 Then I started crocheting 30 gauge wire...

 ...with rusty washers, rings, and gaskets....

 ...and nails.

I hope to make more of all of them.

Tomorrow--  The junk tree. It is (was) a ratty old artificial tree I bought yesterday for $.25 at an auction.

If you'd like to link up your junk ornament or Christmas decoration, please do!  You can use anything you've upcycled, altered, or rehabbed!


  1. These are wonderful!!!-!! Eons ago, I used to make xmas trees and paper ornaments out of folded Readers' Digest magazines, and old books. I use rusty found objects for ornaments and decoration all the time. Love the crocheted wire idea!!

  2. What a fun and fantastic idea. I love anything made from books!

  3. These are wonderful Jill! What a great idea. You always have such inventive ideas! I still have the ornament you made me hanging by desk!

  4. Oh I love it!! I have been wandering around the parking lot at hubbys business collecting bits and pieces of rusty junk---I was going to use them in a jewelry piece but they may have to be crocheted into ornies!! The paper ornies are great too... the diamond one my favorite!

  5. I love these! Your display looks fabulous...add another project to my growing list!!

  6. These are so great! Very creative and very eye appealing!!!!!

  7. These are your cutest junkle bells ever! My daughter just made jack-o-lanterns out of an old book. I'll have to get a photo.

    How in the heck do you crochet wire?

  8. Great display and how cool to crochet wire! And I LOVE your paper ornies. Way to keep with it!! Lezlee

  9. Oh... I'm drooling on the book pages spheres! Jill - I just am amazed at your talent 199% of the time!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  10. no way - are you serious about crocheting the wire? I need to look into that, such a novel idea! And I LOVE your junk tree! twenty five cents - completely fabulous. And you collection of hand made decorations is wonderful :)


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