This Morning

It was foggy this morning.

I walked down by our pond and the ducks flew away and the frogs all hopped into the water from the shore at my approach.

The fast approaching Fall was evident.

I couldn't stay long, but sometimes you make a few moments enough.

And, I'll try to keep the memory of it fresh today while I tend to the "inside" of the house.

May you feel the peace of a foggy morning today too!


  1. Beautiful photos. I would love to take a walk down there myself.

  2. Oh my gosh - how gorgeous is your foggy pond!!! Love it!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  3. Foggy mornings have an aura of mystery about them. Very conducive to creative activities, or walking or drinking a cup of hot tea. Beautiful photos.

  4. Wonderful! How could you get yourself to leave--dust can wait. I follow the creek bottom to work and it was a beautiful drive this morning. The fog/mist was hanging just abouve the tops of the soybeans. Ohh to have my camera with me....

  5. Jill, You have such a gift for capturing beauty through your camera...these just scream peace. tranquility. How lucky are you to have this sweet pond? I can just hear the bullfrog chorus that must sing each night...Xo, Sue


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