Saturday Digest

►I made this blueberry cobbler recipe this week from frozen berries.  Very good and easy.

►Have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? I don't see too many movies so was thrilled that this was good. I really, really liked it.  I have  a favorite line from it but can't tell you because you may not have seen it. :)

►  This crocheted teapot coaster is pretty cute and whimsical. The crochet artist who created the pattern, takes a mixed media approach to making patches, appliques, and projects.

►Google Chrome quit working for me.  I googled.  Seems to happen to many people with all manner of fixes that only may work.  I gave up and started using Internet Explorer.  I feel like I'm a visitor on my computer now.  I can post to my blog, and search the web, but I'm just not "at home".  Old dog, I guess.  Hopefully, in a week or so, I'll acclimate.

►We've established here that many of us are rock lovers.....Check out the art in this Etsy shop.  Simple but so effective!  Don't miss this one or this one!!

Snow and cold in the forcast for here~I hope you stay warm and safe where you are!


  1. oh google is a vile mistress...shh I'm afraid if she hears... I'll be doomed once more....
    Not explorer it is horrible for blogging..try firefox? I used it for years before chrome with no issues.

  2. I quit running Google Chrome awhile ago and have been doing well with Firefox, going to Internet Explorer for a couple of things (like Scrabble on Facebook).
    I have not seen the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but I read the story years ago and it would make a good movie.
    Love the sea glass art -

  3. I just sent the recipe to my daughter who has some frozen blueberries up at college yet, and she loves to bake.


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