Quiet: Texture Tuesday

About 14 years ago, my sister in law introduced a revolutionary idea to me.  Maybe not to you, but it was to me at the time.
She told me that one time, she gave up noise for Lent.
Gave up noise??  
Radio and TV mostly.  All that fill in noise.

I didn't give it up for Lent then, but later, I pretty much gave it up for life.  
Lately, I've been reintroducing some music back in and I've enjoyed it.  But, in small doses.  Now, I have quite a few kids so there is plenty of noise around, don't get me wrong.  But, when I have a choice, it's quiet.

I found that the "fill in noise" was not life giving.  Now, there is the noise in what one reads to deal with also.  And, the noise of our thoughts...much harder to give up what isn't life giving there! 

Today's theme with Kim at Texture Tuesday is Quiet.  My images were textured with Kim's texture "Enlightened". 
Ironic, yes.

"What are the images?", you may wonder.  
Light snow caught in the headlights of our car a number of weeks ago. And, the car lights illuminating a bush by our house. Aside from the engine noise the night was dark and quiet.

I hope your Lent is fruitful and that you find some quiet time.


  1. So beautiful and I agree about all the background noise that goes on. I always choose quiet too.

  2. Your interpretation of quiet is creative and I share your goal of seeking quiet time. A beautiful, abstract photo!

  3. Loved this. I stopped having music on all the time several years ago. My husband had some hearing loss and music bothered him. Now we find that we listen in small spurts. I like being alone with my thoughts. Usually. Love the photos awash with quiet color.

  4. I LOVE quiet and am not fond of background noise, unless it's the roar of ocean waves of course! :)

  5. Beautiful image and a lovely post - i too prefer quiet to noise :)

  6. I always remember after a day of working in a retail store with the customers and the music. I would get in my car at the end of the day and relish that quiet. I never turned on the radio, I just drove home is welcome quiet.


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