Junkle Bells in August--Two Ornaments!

Are you thinking Christmas yet?

 This month's project is easy and I had it done last month--woo hoo--I was ahead!

Even those these are so simple, they are one of my favorites.  Wainscoting with  wonderful teal chippy paint just cut to different sizes, a hole drilled, wire added.  Done.  You certainly could hang some embellishment from the wire, but for some reason I was smitten with the simple piece of wood.  I may make some just to hang in my house other places.  The saw broke after I cut these and the replacement part is waiting in a box by the back door.  Patiently waiting.

My second ornament this month are prisms.  Yeah, I know easy, but oh so pretty.  They came from a chandelier I bought at a garage sale for $5.  It was really in great shape so felt kind of bad taking it apart.  OK, not really too bad!  Some of the prisms are going on my tree, the others are waiting in a jar for other projects, and the gold chandelier itself is waiting in a box in the garage to be painted black and to be hung on my porch.  Patiently waiting.

 You can read more about my year long project, Junkle Bells here.

If you have a project please feel free to link it up here.  Are you still with me Kimmy?  She's been here each month and makes such cute things. And, she just turned 50! You make 50 look great Kimmy!

I still need to find a good tree for all my ornaments and still need to make a Junk Advent Calendar. Hopefully, next month!


  1. jill what a lovely space here ..so happy to visit you from the i studio..wanted to let you know we have a link button up now

  2. I love the aqua molding...I'm thinking lots of aqua for Christmas too!!

  3. Oh............ I don't know which one I like better!!! Hmmmm....

    The prisms are GORGEOUS and I love LOVE the teal color!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  4. Oh, love it! Love it!
    Both are just wonderful~
    Have a terrific afternoon~

  5. Not thinking Christmas yet, but I'm loving your ornaments!

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Girl, I am proud of you! You are cookin' with the Christmas! I love the little wood pieces~ perfect as is, but they could have a monogram easily, too!
    Always love the bling!!!



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