Sue and Debra are Having Giveaways!

Sue at My Art's Desire is having quite the wonderful giveaway, an art journal along with a Barnes&Noble gift card PLUS surprise "goodies".  AND, there is a second prize of another gift card with surprises!
If you check out her blog (and you should!) be sure to check some of her links to some great sites for help with editing your photos in Photoshop. 
I am so grateful for the information I came across from her blog just yesterday!  (Thanks Sue!!)

I also have a link up on my left side bar for Debra's giveaway.  She is offering $45 in jewelry from  her new Etsy shop.  She has some beautiful necklaces there.  I have my eye on this one...

...should I win! 

So, head on over and sign yourself up!  I know they would be happy to have you and you won't be disappointed checking out their fun and inspirational blogs!


  1. Hi Jill! Thanks so much for spreading the bloggy giveaway love! You're a sweetie! Now I have to go check out Sue's!

  2. Thank you, Jill! You're such a sweetie-pie! I meant to tell you earlier that YES! I would be very interested in taking the Remains of the Day class when you plan to take it. It's always more fun when you can cheat, I mean get inspired by looking at someone else's papers! LOL! School starts next week in our neck of the woods...always too soon. Let me know when you plan to begin and I'll sign up too! That'll be fun! Xo, Sue


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