A Couple More Pieces in the Tank Garden

This lovely Schwinn has been waiting patiently out in our trees (I know, does that sound junky?!)  for about 2 years to finally have a place of honor in my garden.  We had a little time on Sun. to work in the tank garden and I finally moved it in!

You can see it was a tricycle for adults with some sort of space in the back, but it was missing whatever type of basket that was here.

This old painted galvanized tub that I've had stored up in the attic of the barn fit perfectly!  Now, I just need to drill holes in it and add plants.

I've had this rusty old spring from... I'm not sure where...just waiting with all the other "junk" and now it works perfectly as a holder for a gazing ball I picked up on clearance years back.  

Today we move our 2nd daughter to college for the first time and on Fri., we move our oldest back to college to start her 3rd year.  It could be a sad couple of days...I think of so many Moms, families, and students out there having to go through this transition.  Of course, I'm really feeling it for the Moms!  Hopefully, there will be time for dirt, garden, and junk therapy to help in the next weeks!


  1. Your bike will definitely be a one of a kinder! I can't wait to see it with the flowers in the tub, how unique! The big spring with your gazing ball is fabulous too!
    In two weeks we take our 3rd child off to college. I have been reading others posts and comments and let me tell you us moms need a 'my child left for college' support group! I'm so excited for him, but everytime one leave the nest our whole family dynamics changes! We have 5, my parents had 12 kids and I really don't know how my mom got through all of us leaving! Plus she didn't have a blog with brilliant bloggers to suggest junktherapy! Truly one of the best ideas out there! Good luck this week, take care, Theresa xo

  2. i became an 'empty nester' last year after 29 years of having children at home. it was quite an adjustment! i love your additions to the garden.

  3. Schwinn's new basket is delightful! And I think an extra dose of junk therapy is just the thing! My last one is a senior this year, really starting to set in! Lezlee

  4. It will look so cute with flowers in the tub! Love it!

  5. What a fun bike , can't believe it took you so long to pull it out! it will make a great planter!

  6. Jill you are definitely talking my language here! I just love it when I can put some junk in the garden. The bike is darling!!!

  7. I'm loving your garden art. I often have things I hold onto til the right things come along then... when it does, I think ....that was worth all the flack my husband gave me.

  8. Well... I'm sorry that you had to ship the two girls off...

    They'll come back home though - if for no other reason than to play in your tank garden. I love the "tri-cycle"!!! That's fantastic!!!

    ;-D robelyn


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