Look What I Brought Home

I had a great "Finding Finds" weekend!  I hit a couple of garage sales in my home town that were fun and then a great auction yesterday.  This was my prize of the weekend. 

"Tank Garden, may I introduce to you Cherub Statue.  You two will be great friends.  You were made for each other after all."

I followed along the auction line as we headed to the outdoor stuff...thinking all along..."How high will I go?" "How high will I go?!"

...trying to set my limit before hand, so no regrets...

I jump in with the first bid of $5.  That was it.  There wasn't anymore.

?!~the old guy next to me, turns and says, "That was cheap!".  I grabbed his arm, perhaps to steady myself. "I know.  I know!"  He just smiled at me.  I was jumping inside, but did my best to keep my auction face on.

This is the hole in the basin.  I know nothing about garden statuary.  I believe it to be a fountain and the water would spurt up and over the sides to go back into some sort of pool or base to recycle.  That may be a bit ambitious for us for now.  But, maybe someday.  It doesn't matter.  It looks wonderful doing nothing but sitting there for now on this day!


  1. That's an amazing statue, and it would make an amazing fountain one day, but What An Amazing Statue!!! I think I'd cry if I got that for $5!

  2. Can't wait to see the photos of the whole garden!!

  3. sweet score jill! yes, that auction face is SO important (at least in my head)...loved this post.

  4. so wonderful...someday I will have little garden rooms!

  5. Oh, Jill! I am sooooo happy for you! What an incredible find in and of itself, but at that price? This was definitely meant to be. It has to be so thrilling to see your initial vision of this tank garden gradually flesh itself out piece by piece. There will be so many different little details you'll be able to incorporate into this space over time. I'm excited about it and it isn't even mine...LOL! Someday, when this tank garden gets to the point where all that's left is to add a little here and maybe a little there when the right piece or idea hits, you must submit this to several magazines. I just know it is going to be something special!! Xo, Sue

  6. You are such a lucky duck! At auctions, they usually START the bid at my limit! I definately want to come to your garden walk when it is finished!

  7. WOW that was meant to be YOURS! I am sur the garden thanks you!



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