Vintage Black Friday

Beautiful black leather Bibles

I thought it would be a good time on Vintage Black Friday to post these updated photos.  I've watched some videos and bought a couple of textures from Kim at  Kim Klassen Cafe.  Her site has so much great information!  If you want to learn a bit more about Photoshop, I'd really encourage you to check out her site and blog. Thanks to Kim, the little black line around all my photos is now gone!  Thanks Kim!!

Oh, so much to learn!

I began this post last night and now came to finish it up this morning and post it--I re-read my caption under the Bible 'Oh, so much to learn!'  Last night, I was referring to Photoshop...this morning after reading the daily scriptures,,.I see that the caption really has a double meaning!

Now, you can check out the French Cupboard and see what everyone else is posting for Vintage Black Friday!


  1. Amen to both learning curves, Jill! Love your photo shoots & share today. The textures you've used add that next level to what are already great photos! Kim's work is so awesome...and her blog is a virtual gold mine in visual beauty and so much wonderful info.

  2. HI Jill
    oh my goodness. i so love your blog. and i love your header. it's gorgeous.

    you did a fabulous job of your bible images.

    thank you for the kind words and linking to my blog. i truly appreciate it!!

    have a most fabulous friday....xxo, kim

  3. very cool, don't ya love when it all comes together

  4. The Bibles you pictured are so beautiful. I love the tattered covers and pages....shows what an important book it was in someone's home.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hi Jill...

    Ohhh...what a treasure! I loved seeing all of your old vintage Bibles, my friend! Ohhh...the stories they could tell! This too...having a double meaning...for not only can the Bible tell some wonderful stories but I can't help but think of some of the stories those old Bibles could tell about the dear souls that owned those precious books!!! Thank you for sharing them with us today for VBF! I think your photos are fabulous, by the way!!!

    I have also joined in with the VBF party today (kind of an afterthought...because I just realized that this lovely party was today!) my post...under the chair that I photographed...I have a stack of old vintage Bibles as well. Now I wished that I would have photographed them for the post!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  6. Hi Jill...

    Well my friend, I just had to stop back by with another note. I have spent some time going through a few of your past posts! Ohhhh my...what a delightful blog you have! Ohhh...and I just adore your basement's fabulous!!! I swooned and eeekks...even drooled over each and every photo of your studio! What a creative and talented lady you are! I could spend the rest of my days in your studio and be perfectly happy! Hehe! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I added your fabulous blog to my list of blog follows! I'm sooo looking forward to your upcoming posts...and continuing my journey through your past posts!

    It's so very nice to meet you, Jill!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. Wow, your photos are dreamy! Great work, Jill. Have a great weekend.

  8. Amen, Yes so much to learn in everything, even life's lessons on a daily basis. Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is very wonderful and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing! XOXO

  9. HI Jill ~ I own a few old bibles as well - just lovely. I really like your header very much. I just picked up a really neat old coffee pot last week at the Flea and it would fit right in there ~ very pretty.

  10. Jill - your photos are just amazing gorgeous!!! So much to learn, indeed! My favorite book to read!!!

    the "resident teen" says I have a package at home..... hmmmm.... I have to go.

    ;-D Have a BEAUTIFUL week-end with your family!!!

  11. So fun to meet you! You are an amazing woman. Your creativity oozes! From the bread pan Kleenex holder in your guest bath to the ornament crafted from book pages. I applaud your ability to be a great mom and more!!!

  12. I always wonder who read these old Bibles and what they learned from them. Indeed, there's a lifetime of learning in the Word of God.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I'm off to explore yours!


  13. Oh, I love the old Bibles..and how your post wound up having two meanings. ♥

    I will definitely check out the blog on learning more about Photoshop.

    Drop by when you have a free moment. :-)

    Happy Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  14. I love your post of vintage Bibles. I, too, have a collection of Bibles and did my first VBF post on them in April 2010 if you want to check it out. Your double meaning in your caption is true. I am still using Picasa and haven't began Photoshop yet. We will never learn all their is in the Bible but only what we need in our lives at a specific time. Thanks for sharing.

  15. "Oh, so much to learn" - so true. I often think that about the Lord and His Word. I love your Photoshopping and your header picture.

  16. I'm hooked on textures and can't seem to just put up a post without them. I'm a texture junky!
    I have been to Kim's site and it's wonderful!

  17. now there goes my monday.....more blog hopping....sometimes it never ends...too bad we cant get paid for blog sailing..i would make a fortune !! nice bibles too........

  18. Photoshop should gives me nightmares. I need so much time to learn all I want, but first I must find TIME!


  19. Thanks for sharing, I love the old bibles. I love old books and the bibles are especially nice.
    Drop by sometime.

  20. The Bibles are so beautiful! And I think we all have a lot to learn in that department - no matter how seasoned we are in our walk with Christ =)

    I am your rosette swap partner and a very bad one at that. I'm just today getting your package shipped out. I'm sorry =( I promise it's on the way to you!

    Love your blog by the way! Blessings... Polly

  21. Jill, this is wonderful, love the photography, I need to just take the plunge and go for the photoshop, it just makes the photos so much more "in depth". I agree with your comment. And I love your namesake Ruth. That book holds so much!


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