Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Texture Tuesday::Tea on Tuesday

A few weekends ago we had a brief trip to a state park and while I was outside our cabin by the fire pit (without a fire), I was half heartily snapping some pictures.  My almost 12 year old said, "See if you can make it look like I'm drinking out of your cup".  So with my cup balanced on my knee, her a few feet away in front of her chair, we played a bit.

Tomorrow my "almost 12 year old", will be 12!

Today I'm joining Kim again for Tea, it's been a long time!  and Kim, at The Cafe for Texture Tuesday where the challenge was to use her texture called "and then some".  

Happy Tuesday and All Saints Day!


  1. Wow JILL! Love this and I'm so glad you demonstrated how you made it. What a lot of fun that must have been. Great image for Tuesday Tea, too.

  2. Brilliant Jill, lovely shot, your daughter is gorgoeus.

  3. Very clever. Love how it turned out.

  4. This is a wonderful shot, and the b&w only adds to it...lovely!

  5. That's a little like Alice in Wonderland isn't it!?! All you need is a rabbit in a waistcoat to run by :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Love this! your daughter is a natural!

  7. Playing with perspective. What a fun game with your daughter.


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