More of a Good Thing

Are two wreaths too many?  I know I just posted about these sweater flowers, but I made so many flowers I decided to make two wreaths. (And, there are still more in my sewing room.) For this one I pieced together 3" wide strips of burlap to make a big "ribbon" to use for hanging.

If you make yourself some burlap ribbon, be sure to straight stitch all the edges because it will want to ravel.  I just put five short pieces together to make about 100" of ribbon and you don't even notice the seams. I'm still using up table runners! :)

I hope you're having a great week and thanks for stopping by!


  1. What about draping the runners at tops of windows like I have on my porch? That would use some up, though I am loving the wreaths. <3

    and no..there are never enough wreaths when they're this cute

  2. Love the wreath and the flowers are fab! tiff

  3. love the wreath - love the photo! the colors and textures and the calmness...and no, you can't have too many wreaths!

  4. another great wreath. Those sweater flowers are just so sweet.

  5. Never too many! But that is coming from someone who has a bit of a wreath problem :) Looks great...

  6. Having a good chuckle about still using up the burlap. The flowers are wonderful---what about putting them on pillows too?

  7. A gal can never have too many wreaths especially at this time of the year! Love your flowers Mx


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