Inkodye Tissue Cover

Well, I showed you the first batch of tissue covers here.  And, I've made some more, but just haven't taken pictures except of this one I made back when I was experimenting with Inkodye.

Please see this post to see what inkodye is all about.  

I used my set of alphabet and number rubber stamps to apply the inkodye before I set it out in the sun.  I was a little heavy with too much dye on some of the letters as you can see.  But, this was an experiment, so now I know.

Apropos, I used a vintage men's handkerchief for this tissue cover. 

I could see a tote bag made with random letters and number stamped all over it or maybe use the dye I have left to stamp the word "tissues" across the back or front of a tissue cover.
What about curtains for a child's room with their name or nursery rhymes stamped with dye on them?
I think any simple shaped stamp could work to apply the dye..lots of possibilities...

This deer came visiting our back yard this morning!  We haven't seen any for weeks.

And, she brought a friend.  :)

Happy Friday to you!


  1. Were your visitors after what few tidbits are left in the tank garden?? Glad to see they know what the open gate means. The tissue holders are great... looks like you are having alot of fun with the Inkodye

  2. Love the tissue cover! I love the letters and numbers stamped. We have been having lots of these visitors in our yard too. I just love watching them. Starting tomorrow... they will all be hiding!

  3. These are adorable...the tissue covers and the deer :) We had 3 deer in our backyard the other day. Wish I had taken pictures. It's only the 3rd time we've seen them in 12 years...

  4. You know, I never carry tissues with me. Once, while grocery shopping, Rebecca's nose was running, so I quick stopped a woman and asked if she had a tissue (and of course SHE did!). I always rely on the kindness of strangers. :) So what are you doing with all of your clever tissue covers? (made from hankies- ha! I love the irony!)

    Maybe deer would not roam into your yard if your gate was closed. Just sayin'. :)

  5. Jill... those deer are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love to watch them.. they are so graceful and peaceful!

    The tissue covers rock!!!! I keep thinking I'm going to start carrying some with me... hmmmm.....

    ;-D robelyn


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