A Package of Treasures Came in the Mail

I won a fantastic giveaway a few weeks back and have been waiting for a chance to take some pictures of what came my way.  Rebecca Ersfeld has a lovely blog and some really inspiring pictures of her garden, her potting shed, and her computer room.  Those are just some of the recent posts...there is so much more, just keep clicking!!

My package from Rebecca included the three doilies, the planting box, tissue roses, the two ironstone pitchers on the right and the bundle of dried white berries.

 All so very pretty!!

I decided to add my fabric birds from my Junkle  Bells tree.

Some more birds perched on chalk blocks.  All of the birds are out of vintage fabrics.  If you would like to make your own, the pattern is here.  You can see a mobile of them here...so "anthropology-ish"...if you ask me.  I decided to sew most of my birds seam side out.  I liked the rough look to them that way.  I think seams out or in, they are just awesome.

I picked up that little elephant planter at an estate tag sale about a month ago.  So simple and just so cool.

Now, just silliness...see my open cupboard in the kitchen?  Can't blame my husband or my kids.  I am terrible at closing cupboards. Really.

Thank you Rebecca for my wonderful package!  I just love it all!! 

And, thank you Spool Sewing for the bird pattern!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! ALL of it is GORGEOUS!!! I'm all over the elephant planter - and the two iron stone that you received? AUGH! I'm green with envy!

    ;-D Have fun!!! And... close the door! LOL


  2. Hello,
    Oh I am glad you like your package, it was my pleasure to send it.
    It looks fantastic on that beautiufl buffet piece.
    I may have to try some birds for spring thay are darling and look so good with the white.
    Blessings this week

  3. Great to "see" you! oh so lucky to win Rebecca's great give away! LOVE your birdies, so Springy!

  4. Love your new treasures especially the birdies!

  5. What a fabulous win! Your pictures are beautiful too!!

  6. Congratulations! What a wonderful prize package! I love the birds. And I agree. Quite the Anthro look. I'm putting them on my list to make.

  7. love this. love the whites of all shades and hues. you are looking lovely as usual too.

  8. What a delightful parcel to receive in the mail. Full of so many things that go well with your aesthetic. Love those pitchers! Your birdies fit well everywhere.
    And the smile on your face in the second to last photo - priceless!

  9. So beautiful! I love your composition! And your smile! :-)

  10. Jill, What a FUN piece of mail! Rebecca's blog is wonderful...I agree! Love those birdies...and the open cupboard door! {Guilty of the same...but mine tend to be drawers!}

    I absolutely ADORE that buffet and your pressback chairs! Such beautiful wood and the details...yum, yum! Xo, Sue

  11. oh my gosh... i love those birds! so much!!! LOVE all the photos... LOVE. :)


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