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Good morning!  I'm linking up again with Kim at Art in Red Wagons for Tea on Tuesday or in my case...coffee.   Time to share the quotidian.
I've posted a version of this picture before, but, well, it was a long time ago, and I am drinking coffee. I just didn't have time to take a new picture because I'm working in photoshop with the other Kim!
So, that's what I'm up to today, catching up with the Test Kitchen videos and also getting our upstairs bedrooms and toy room cleaned up!

Kim Klassen has started a Texture Tuesday link up party for her textures at The Cafe. This photo was altered using two layers of the cool grunge texture from Kim.  Can't wait to check out all the other photos that are linked!  The brushes (the graceful foliage) I used are from Znow White which you can find here.

So....this is what I'm thinking today.  Life is dealing lemons so to speak...no gardening with the snow and rain falling outside.  So, I'll stay inside and practice working in Photoshop.  Ha.  Lemonade.  To go with my tea!

Be sure to enter into Kim's giveaway at Art in Red Wagons!  It's the birthday of her blog!


  1. Wow, I'm really impressed with the photo of the coffee mug. It looks piping hot. Those texture layers are wonderful. I'm always impressed with what I see at Kim Klassan's. Glad you joined Tea Tuesday today. Have a great textured Tuesday, too.

  2. great photos and lovely having tea with you! happy tea day!

  3. Oh my! I can't believe I haven't found your blog before. It is lovely. I look forward to spending some time exploring tonight. I am so glad you stopped by mine and commented so I could find you. :) You just found a new follower!

  4. Now how did y ou get that swirl? Love it! Happy tea day to you and I will check out the links, thanks.

  5. Your mug looks YUMMY! Like a caramel latte running over.

    I like the subtlety of the grunge texture on your lemon photo. And the "grasses" along the bottom. I can see it as an invitation to your pitty party.
    "You are cordially invited to my pitty party.
    The weather is yucky out so I can't dig in my garden, but it is warm and snug indoors so come over for hot beverages, cold chicken salad and good company. Please bring a seedling in a peat pot. A prize will be given for the most creatively decorated pot.
    I am depressed and need cheering up,
    but I promise you will also be cheered as we commiserate over gardening magazines and seed catalogs.
    RSVP (hope you can come!)


  6. beautiful work! I love both of the shots but I think I like the lemon picture best -- I really like the way you incorporate brushes in your work. I'm always a little too timid when it comes to that! Beautiful blog! I'll be adding it to my list! : )

  7. Lovely! someday..photoshop....someday... textures
    today? bathrooms and floors need tending to, bills need filing, garden overrun....sigh

    I want to play.... :D


  8. Great processing on these wonderful captures, Jill! Adore the steam coming off that cup of joe! My heart goes out to all who are still stuck in that stubborn winter that refuses to move along. But it won't be long now...and besides, if you do it right, ya'll will have the cleanest houses with that extra indoor time! ha! xo

  9. These are both so beautiful...love the swirl above the coffee-cup. Great use of textures!

  10. oh my... you have made lemonade... in more ways than one...

    love to you!! thanks for playing my friend...

    xxo, Kim

  11. love the lemons...great composition and texturing!

  12. And just think, it will be warm enough to enjoy that lemonade outside in the sunshine. . .. one of these days
    Happy T on T

  13. Such a lovely photo of the steam coming out of the top of your coffee mug and I love the lemonade quote... I needed that as a reminder today... it not being one of my better ones!! Thank you for tea!!

  14. I"m just learning photoshop and your images are gorgeous! The colors and textures are so warm and inviting. Thanks for the wonderful cup of tea and inspiration for me to keep pursuing photoshop :)

  15. Love your photos! I love anything lemon and your picture makes me want some lemon curd and scones!
    Happy Tea day!

  16. Coffee
    it's all good and so very appealing with your PS touches...

    I adore the 'life swoosh' coming from your cuppa joe...I just got a pair of wine red shoes that have a suede swoosh inset

    Love your KKlassen inspired lemons...I am in total awe with what everyone creates under her capable (that's putting it mildy) guidance/classes

    Happy T Tuesday to you Jill!

  17. You are two timing the Kim's
    I won't tell...

    but guess what?

    I think they both know.

  18. Lovely photo and I'm drinking coffee today too :) Happy Tuesday!

  19. Beautiful pictures! I love the way you captured the wisp of steam in the top one! Looks like a fun day of play too! Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  20. Beautiful blog and such beautiful photos!!! Happy Tea, and thank you for your visit and kind words!

  21. The layering really does make already pretty images just that much more beautiful. I have my two cups of morning joe every day but then it is green tea the rest of the day (when I'm not drinking water) :) Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  22. I love your photo editing work, JIl..Have a happy week!!l

  23. Great photos! I love them both but the lemon photo is my absolute favorite!! You need to frame that one!
    You have a real talent with the camera and photo editing.

  24. Both photos are very beautiful and calming to me too, great texture processing. Thanks for visiting me :)

  25. I love both photos, too. I can imagine hot tea with a squeeze of fresh lemon in your beautiful mug. I love the way you captured the curling steam! oxo

  26. great capture on the steam from the cup! your PS work is lovely! happy t day (sorry i'm late)


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