Advent:Joy in The Stirring

Like many of you we began decorating for Christmas this past weekend.  The carols were playing on Pandora and it was festive. :) The rest of the story includes a little...ahem...discussion about what decorations get put up this year and with opinions, sheesh!

Of course we needed a hot chocolate break!

One of the Christmas mugs that I've had for 25 plus years!

The stirring in of the marshmallows. :)

Although I enjoy the finished product of a craft, a project, a decorated house...for me, I'm always drawn to the process.  And, that includes the stirring.  Isn't that just a lovely shot?  Nora stirring...spilling...the steam from the hot water... probably why I never have everything done or everything clean. 

And, no the decorations aren't finished.

And, many won't go out just to keep life moving along and not getting hung up on getting it all done.

If you follow along on Instagram, you know I've made a few new decorations.  So of course time spent "making" means time not spent with other things like cleaning! I will hopefully share some pictures this next week and also of our 4h tree project this year.

My prayer this past week led to a meditation of  "Who are you decorating for?"
It was a beautiful and fruitful meditation and the question comes back when needed and my perspective is restored.  Praise God. 

Maybe that same question will help you through this Advent? Or maybe for you, "Who are you baking for?" "Who are you buying for?" Fill in the blank for however you prepare for Christmas. 

 And, I hope you find joy in the stirring!


  1. I love the idea of the questions. My favorite I use far too often ,I am embarrassed to say is....
    "what's the worst that can happen if?" facing so many challenges alone these past years tends to let fear creep I alway ask "what's the worst that can happen if?" It clarifies for me. <3

  2. Your questions are great ones and good to keep in mind throughout this month of advent.

  3. I love your decorating and hot cocoa ritual! To me, that's very special and I enjoy that with my kids this time of year.

    You asked a great question. I was thinking today that maybe I needed to add some cute dessert plates to my Christmas dishes and then I realized, some may smile and compliment them but all in all, it's just more $$ spent when it's really all about creating good memories. So my decorating will be fun, a little innovative in using what I have (and maybe falling for some new ornaments here and there!). But in reality, I want to simply celebrate peace and love and the true meaning of Christmas.

    Jane xxx

  4. Those are lovely questions at the end. I have seen the customer side of the Christmas/ Holidays for too long. I want to distance myself from it as much as possible.


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