Auction Buys Part 2

A few of the other buys from Sunday's auction:  *This great work table/bench.

 *Holy Family picture. (hard to pass on these!)

*Jesus, the Good Shepherd. :)

*Old school paper cutter.

I've wanted a paper cutter for a long time...but this one was finally the right size and price!

*From the "Ideal School Supply Co." 

*Fabulous stools! 

 Our barn will have no shortage of great seating.  The chalkboard easel will be for my girls to play with and to eventually use for signage if I start selling at shows again.

I like this picture taken in the late afternoon sun on Sunday...wonderful long shadows and the feeling of expectation.  The chairs are waiting for someone to come and sit and enjoy them. 

 Much better than how they are now...stacked waiting for someone to come and clean them up!


Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit!

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