DIY Cork and Fabric Mouse Pad

A while back I saw this tutorial on Going Home to Roost and knew that it would be a great use of some of my vintage fabric.  Plus my mouse pad was ready to be replaced.

Yesterday, I decided to make it happen.  And, basically 15 minutes later it was done.  It is that easy if you have the supplies on hand.

Isn't that fabulous fabric? I think it was a feed sack, but I'm not positive.

The thing I did differently from the tutorial, is that I used a spray adhesive on the chip board to adhere it to the fabric instead of an iron on fusible web on the fabric.  So, spray your chip board, mat board, or a couple pieces of a cereal box.  Adhere to your fabric.  Adhere the self adhesive cork board, then trim it to your desired size and shape.  I used my old rotary cutter to cut the sides and a scissors to trim the corners round like Bonnie did in her tutorial.

I haven't put the fray check on it as she suggested and probably won't.  I'll experiment with this one and see if it frays or not. 

Funny how something as simple as a mouse pad can make you happy!

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  1. It's the little things, for sure. Your posts are always a lift, Jill. Even the simple ones.


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