Some Projects Don't Work So Well....

Macrame Chair Trial from Jill Ruskamp on Vimeo.

My daughter made this macrame chair for 4h this year and I thought it would be so fun for her to hang out in!  We never had her actually sit in in before she entered it in the fair on the off chance it would break because she had put so much time into it.

Well, trying it out got put on the back burner. We finally took down our porch swing to give her chair a go yesterday.  If it was wonderful, we would look for a tree branch to hang it from. I decided to video tape it because she was so cautious to sit in it. I'm not sure why we were both so afraid of hitting our bottoms on the porch, but we were!

She found the instructions here.   We didn't use heavy enough cord for the rope holding it up nor did she tie the knots big enough. I think it could be quite a bit wider too...changes that could be made if someone were to try it again.  It's discouraging, but we did laugh a lot when we were trying to get it to hold!

(I've been wanting to learn how to edit videos and thus the video posted today. So much to learn!
I've uploaded this to vimeo now and it is of much better quality if watched from the vimeo site instead of here in blogger.)


  1. Love it! Don't worry--we all have trying times doing what we thought would be an easy project. Makes it more special when it's done--sometimes! lol!

    Jane x

  2. Ok that's hilarious! esp Mama's attempt :D


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