Time to Organize! Auction Buy Part 1

Goodness!  I had NO plans of organizing our garage anytime before Christmas or probably not even at all this winter and then yesterday came along.

And, yesterday brought these.  Well, actually we brought them home this morning, ha! But we bought them yesterday at an auction.

The bins were used to store bolts and parts in the old Pontiac Dealership here in our town.  The building most recently was home to an auction company and is where I would often get to go to auctions.  The auctioneer has retired and yesterday was his last auction.  I'm happy I could go, not only for the pieces I picked up, but to be there one last time. I had a lot of fun at auctions down there.

There a few other purchases which I'll share tomorrow.  Now I need to get these in the garage properly.  Easier said than done!!

Happy Monday to you!

Below you can see two posts from Instagram of my husband moving these old parts bins in to our garage. 


  1. Well you KNOW I love them..get crackin girlie

  2. What an awesome find, and so sad that the auction are coming to an end.

  3. Those are WONDERFUL cabinets! Have fun organizing!

  4. fantastic find - they will be perfect for organizing!


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