Herb Bundles

Today, I had plans to meet up with high school friends, some of which I have not seen for maybe 25 years, give or take a decade... Well, my youngest got sick right after breakfast....So plans changed.

I had clipped some herbs yesterday to dry and they were laying on the counter on a cookie sheet yet, so I decided to bundle them up with string since I had the time.  There is something to aromatherapy as the scent of Rosemary certainly affects me emotionally. I think I'd call it consoling.  But, then again, maybe anything would have today as I was disappointed I couldn't go.

I have a few bundles now to dry and enjoy the scent and I have more rosemary to dry in sprigs and store in quart sized mason jars.  I even got to use my very old string on my antique string holder.  That's good consolation too!

My daughter is feeling much better and ate lunch so I'm very grateful for that.

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  1. Such a bummer than you couldn't go. At least you had something to console you slightly.


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