Texture Tuesday: Quote Edition

My oldest daughter found this intriguing quote from C.S. Lewis and put in in the Jane Austen font.  I helped by adding Kim Klassen's texture, "Journal" which I converted to black and white. Then I added the scalloped border and we were done.
The texture is subtle but it helps give the print an aged look and a lot of depth.

It is now in a silver frame sitting on a shelf at my daughter's home. (She actually fills her frames.  I buy frames. I take pictures. The frames seem to have trouble getting together with the pictures here.)

I'm linking up today with Kim at the Cafe for Texture Tuesday: the Quote Edition.

I hope you are having a great week!


  1. this is a great quote! i like the background too, it looks like it is written on a chalkboard : )

  2. wonderful Jill and extra special getting to work/play with your daughter
    here's to finishing things ... which can be an ongoing challenge ;)

  3. How fun to create with your daughter! It's a lovely quote and background.

  4. wow - what a great quote! he had such a way with words! I have trouble getting things into frames too - I actually prefer art to be out of a frame and touchable - all the frames I do have have my babies' faces in them :)

  5. AWESOME quote! I thought this was one of your framed chalkboard things you create. Could be your handwriting!

  6. LOVE this...the quote and the layout...wonderful :) Laurel


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