Mosaic Monday A.K.A Swatch Monday

For the past almost 2 weeks I've been tending to two of my children who have both had surgery.  Not emergency anything, but necessary.  Thankfully, they are both on the mend and doing very well.

I bought this pineapple the other day and one of my daughters cut some wild day lillies to bring in.

I've been admiring the fact that they come from the same color palette for days and just quickly snapped a couple pictures of them.

I  get a great kick out of Leah's Swatch Friday so even though this isn't a "linky party", I'm playing along with her.  Hope you don't mind, Leah!

I got a tad carried away with my swatches.  Not very sophisticated, I know.  But, I was taking a break and playing a bit. :)

Now, to go cut up that ripe, possibly overripe because I've been admiring it, pineapple.

Be sure to check out Leah's swatches....This one's my favorite. 


  1. I hope your beautiful little girls are feeling good and back to bouncing about! Your swatch colors are pure summerific. Nice.

  2. best get well wishes to your sweet girls
    and best wishes to their special 'nurse' too!

    Lovely marriage of the pretty pineapple and terrific tiger lilies :)

    take care Jill

  3. I love the color swatches with the photos - so graphic - so bright!
    hoping all continues well on the road to recovery at home...

  4. i'm HAPPY you played along. love the colors in yours. super good. Hope the girlies are doing well. -prayers for you and yours always. =)


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