So Bright and Cheery!

I came across this Family Chic blog the other day and saw some fun ideas but this is the one that stuck.

Camilla used a votive cup and a 12" balloon.  I wanted more than one and didn't have many votive cups the same size,

so, I used half pint jars.  Since I haven't made jelly in a few years, I have quite a few empty half pint jars.

I had to stretch pretty hard to get the balloon around and a couple of them did break since it's on a bigger vessel than a votive cup. I actually like seeing the embossed look of the lettering on the jar through the balloon.

I absolutely love these!  You could coordinate colors with a color scheme for a party. Match or contrast the color of the balloon with your flower.  

This simple project makes a simple flower so special.  
~Take one to a friend~
~Put one on your bedside table~
~Put one in your child's room~
~Line six up on your kitchen counter~

The simple "how to" is here
Thank you Camilla!  (I love her name)


  1. that is pretty inventive - and with your choice of balloons and flowers, it looks so festive

  2. What a great, and fun idea! So cheerful.

  3. that IS cute! thanks for the links too!

  4. So innovative and colorful and fun Jill!

    It would be lovely to have a flower name...wouldn't it :)

    Happy Weekend to you and yours


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