What's Going On Here: Short and Sweet

Kids went back to school. 
Both :) and :(
First time in umpteen years I'll be in the house alone.

Baby baths in kitchen sink. :)

Cute baby feet. :)

Short photo session of our little grand daughter. :)

Then my back decided to speak up after years of ignoring it. :(

And, it rained. :)

The smiley faces win!


  1. Precious post ... pictures speak volumes
    your little granddaughter and your children are beyond precious (
    great barefoot look your young man has there)!

    sink baths bring back the sweetest memories

    enjoy having some YOU time Jill...hoping your back brings a smile to you very very soon (that is no fun at all!)

    Take care !!!

  2. Lots of things going on at your place. I hope your back soon recovers so there will be smiles all around.

    Such a sweet little grand daughter. Love those eyes.

  3. rain:) :) beautiful shots :) :) back pain--:(

  4. First Day of School pics are just something we all did and continue to do and they are so precious. Now I'm curious as to where mine are. And rain? I'm green with envy.

    :: lynn ::


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