After a Four Year Hiatus...

...we went camping this past weekend!  
(camping lights are a must)

It was only for two nights and only an hour north of here, but so nice to camp again.

We have Jayco Kiwi, which is a hybrid camper.  It's a trailer, but the ends fold out for sleeping, kind of like a pop up, but it pops "out" instead.

I sewed this quilt  when I was (about) in 7th grade.  I can remember sitting around the dining room table at home when my great aunts taught me to use a piece of sand paper, cut as my template, to hold down the fabric as I cut out squares.  It's all from double knits and I can recognize dresses and clothes in it that I wore along with some of my sisters' and Moms' clothes too!  I tied it all in yellow yarn and it's backed with a yellow sheet.  I got a purple on it in the county fair.  Now, many years later it's a warm quilt in our camper.  And, in great shape. I'm not sure you could wear out some of those double knits!

We had a great time even though, both nights the clouds rolled in and it rained...and, it scared the little gals. 

My oldest daughter joined us for one night from Omaha....

and we saw her new ring!!!  Yes, that's right, our oldest is getting married!!!  They got engaged about a month ago and just recently got the ring.  So, we thought it might sparkle nicely against the camper lights, and it did indeed!

Also, today, she turns 21!



  1. tell lauren I LOVEE the ring! looks like you had a nice time with the family and lots of memories were made.

  2. Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS to Lauren!!! Oh my gosh - how exciting!!!!!!!!! Do we get to plan a wedding now? I love weddings. LOLOL

    I have not braved the camping thing in... well, a long time. Sounds like you had fun - rain or shine!!! Gorgeous photos (as always) and I LOVE your quilt!!! Double knit's the best... hee-hee

    ;-) robelyn

    P.S. Tell Lauren her ring is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. How wonderful. Some of my best chilhood memories are of camping. I'm so glad that you finally got to go. Wow a wedding to plan, how fun! Love the quit!


  4. love round rings, i am sure there is a proper name for it. yeah for camping, and camping lights.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip, the camper looks like the way to go. That double knit quilt brings back lots of memories. so glad that you use it. Blessings to your sweet daughter on her Birthday AND her engagement!

  6. You make me want to pack up the travel trailer and head to one of the State Parks. We haven't been camping in over a year.

    I just added you to my blog list ;)


  7. It's nice to spend quality family time in a small space... every once in a while! LOL!!!Congrats to you and Lauren... it's amazing how fast time flies isn't it?

  8. Wow! Your baby is getting married! Congratulations. Camping is great. I miss it... you make it look like Glamping! (Glamour Camping)

  9. i havent camped in years and i miss it terribly...noone wants to do it anymore......ah...the smell of a campfire...lucky you !

  10. What nice pictures capturing your camping trip...and congratulations on your daughter's engagement!! Sounds like happy times :)

    Having fun "chatting" with you on Junk Revolution!
    Mona Kay

  11. I grew up camping and can't get my hubby to consider it--Holiday Inn is his camper! I too have a double knit blanket made out of old clothing... nothing better! Congrats and have fun with the wedding planning.


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