4th of July in Seward

I will be at the Liberty House this Sunday for the big 4th of July event in Seward.  I'll have some great vintage items for sale as well as some upcycled pieces and through the viewfinder photographs.  There has been a lot of work prepping for this around here this week.

Glad I had some help.  
(Truly, my family has been very helpful!)  

Every time we go outside to try and play or work....bugs, mosquitos....uhg!!  That's what's on Nora's face.  You cover them with bug spray, but kind of hard to get the face safely.

If you're in the area, come on out to Seward on Sunday.  There's no shortage of activities there and you can also check out Leah's and Rachel's set ups along with mine at the Liberty House!


  1. I may pop in to see you ladies. Ed is flying the airshow at the Seward Airport and we ought to be finished around 1:ish. If the crowd isn't too daunting this year, we'll swing by.

    Good luck, girl :: lynn ::

  2. How lucky you are to have such help! Just a note of help, I wear that mosquito fan thing, I am not sure who it is by...it is blue, bought it at Home Depot...it works!!! and I used to get lots of bites! You must get them for the family. Have a great time at the sale and sell everything! I wish you and your family a woderful 4th celebration of freedom!


  3. Yeah! Can't wait to see you at Liberty House! It's always a good time there, but will be extra special with you there this year!!! PS - your daughter is Adorable!

  4. What a darling little girl! That is the best kind of help... Good luck at Liberty House. Lezlee

  5. Bless her heart! and she's working so hard too!

  6. Hello from your neighbor from across the river in Iowa! I enjoyed visiting your blog and just signed up as a follower. It's nice to find a blogger fairly close to home. I found you through 'Where Bloggers Create'. Connie

  7. those photos are super duper cute. and it was super duper good to see you today! your stuff super duper rocks and your family is super duper deato.

  8. Lovely photographs!

    lots of love



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