My (Almost Wet) Booth

The show at Seward was a bit wet, well quite wet actually.  So, we pulled everything in tight and Pat from Liberty House gave me a rug she was going to throw out so I could pad the puddle in my booth. 

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  But, my daughter who was helping me, had hers in her purse, so at least I took a couple of shots.  The red items in the photo above used to sit in my hoosier.  I had quite a collection of red bakelite, but have decided it's time for change.

Making flowers to adorn books is just as much fun as making burned flower pins!

I really enjoyed meeting new vendors/friends and the shoppers who love the old things as much as I do!!  It eventually did quit raining. I must say, in the end, it turned out to be quite a nice day!!

Funny story....I promised my daughter who was helping me that she would be home in time to go out with her friends.  Well, we were running late.  My husband came down with my youngest three daughters and we quickly loaded the pick up for Bonnie to take home.  She left and I went for our suburban to finish loading.  Uhg.  Forgot about the really big, lovely, maple rocking chair in there that I never got out because of the rain.  Should have put more in the pickup...there isn't room now for the rest of the stuff, the rocker, and the kids.  I found one vendor left and asked if she wanted a rocking chair.  No. But she had a friend...and she came and looked and snagged it up at the incredibly cheap price I shot her!  Whew!  At least I didn't have to give it away.  Or leave one of my kids.

Another funny story?....We killed time from tearing down the booth (about 6ish) until 10 to watch the big fireworks show...we set up in the park to watch and then realized people were leaving after the free concert.  Why were they leaving if there was to be a fireworks show?!?!  Yes.  Found out the fireworks show had been canceled because of the rain....we could have been home...hours before.  So it goes.  Still was a good day!


  1. I so wish I was there this year! See a couple of things that I would have brought home with me! My daughter bought one of your folded books. So cute! I'll post a pic when I get home from our trip. Would love to try to make one myself if you don't mind.

  2. I don't even know where to start... A. I'm laughing about the chair/child dilemma (but you know you would have gone back for the child...)

    B. LOL about the fireworks! I waited for as long as I could - but left about 3 minutes before the fireworks started 'cause the skeeters were trying to haul me off!!!

    Jill - your displays AND your goodies are just AWESOME as I knew they would be!!! LOVE LOVE the pennants - and the silverware holders - and the books and the...
    okay. ALL OF IT!!!

    What's a show without near-drowning experiences? hee-hee

    LOVE IT!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  3. You booth looks funny about the rocking chair...lucky you sold it...otherwise you'd be out 1 window washer!!!


  4. Jill, Such wonderful things you had for sale and only wish you were in my neck of the woods so I could have attended! The stuff I grabbed from your Etsy shop arrived in all their glory and I love it all! Your prices are so fair! It tickled my humor to read of your waiting for the fireworks story...hey, that's my life. What are you doing living in my life?! Ha ha! Loving also those banners you made and the books bound with flowers. Enjoy your posts very much! Xo, Sue

  5. Funny, glad you got rid of the rocker and kept the kids...Sorry about the soggy weather, though, I am still in love with all your bunting... I like that word more than pennants or banners...Lezlee

  6. oh, isn't that how it goes...most of the time,lol! love your things :D

  7. Your booth looks great...and I think the stories that we collect from all of our sales/shows are sometimes the best part of this! I had a sweet old man stop at my sale last weekend. He was looking for buttons for his wife. She couldn't walk very well so I let him take all of my buttons over to their car for her to look through. I then wen over and talked to her, too. It is the stories and the people that we remember sometimes!!!


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