Curly Q's and Swirls

I bought this anvil and hammer at an auction a week ago and when I got home my son told me that it's not an anvil but a piece of a rail road track. Hhhmm...he is right but it was used for an anvil and will be used as such in my sewing room. I've had a long desire to work with metal but "life" happens and that desire has been delayed in being fulfilled. Now, I'm getting a taste of it at least.

I've been a pounding away on all kinds of things and while I was making some hooks to display items at the Wayne Art Show these began to develop.

Then today when I made a message board in a frame that had a big gap in it's ornate frame, one of my new curly-q's came in handy for an embellishment to go over the gap. I was so happy! And, I can't wait to find a use for more of my swirls and curls!


  1. I love your little embellishment thing! It looks great...good for you!!

  2. Love this!! Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging words!! we have survived the ice storm, and finally have internet to go out visiting in blogland!!
    kari & kijsa

  3. We all should have an anvil of sorts to bang out any frustrations... how fun!

  4. I love curly q's and swirls. Nice job!



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