My Junk Lamp

Last Fri. when we went to Lincoln, I had 10 minutes at an Estate Sale--that's it--kids were impatient and waiting in the car. I found a big box of lamp parts from someone who made their own shades. I didn't even look inside it--just bought it. Well, it was packed with tools I could use and lamp parts. I went to the pile still out in our basement from the last auction I went to and found a box of "junk" and filled one of my old jars.

It was hard to photograph with the glass jar and lack of proper lighting in my basement so pardon the glare and lack of focus!

I wrapped the top of the screw on lamp with an old piece of leather and baling wire.

My new lamp shade is made from wrapping very light wire around it; then I crocheted wire around the base and the top. You read right--crocheted the wire! As I was working with it, I kept thinking how much it was like thread and that maybe I could blanket stitch with it and then thought of crocheting. I won't say it was easy. The hardent part was holding the frame of the lamp even. My husband found a tool from the box of lamp parts (that we didn't know what it was for) and with it and some clamps he fashioned me a support of sorts.

Old rusty washers finished the shade off!


  1. That is clever. Great luck in finding such a treasure box, and then thinking of a way to use it right away.

  2. Very creative.

    I love looking at jars of misc. junk!


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