Day 6: Repurpose Week

Ok, I told you yesterday that I needed help--ideas for these items. What to do with them????

First off--bed springs--these things are great. Honestly, I'd be ok just to have a few set on shelves because I like the shape and the rust.

I do have a lot of them and there's more at my Mom's. (She's laughing at me now I'm sure.

Would you believe that I have moved these long boards around in my storage room for 10 years or so?!

Do you know what they are? Quilt frames--the Lutheran Church Ladies kind of "put the quilt up in the church basement" quilt frames for tieing or hand quilting quilts. One large set and the other for a smaller crib size quilt.

They even have the inches marked off and the fabric strips intact where the quilt was basted on.
I originally bought them thinking I would put quilts up in my basement to learn to hand quilt. Even if I was to pursue that which I no longer see---I would get myself one of the newfangled quilt frames for sure. They take up about a 1/6 of the space and set up in an instant. Yes, even with my love of the old, I would go for ease and convenience. I also bought them because no one wanted them and I wanted to save the history of them. If even I wouldn't use them, very few people will. So, my question-- what can I do with them to preserve them just a bit? Build a frame? If so, what to put in it?

And lastly, zinc lids. I have a lot of these too. More than in the picture. They all have a great milk glass center.

Maybe a sculpture?
I call it "Inch Worm".
Well---I told you I needed help.


  1. I'm thinking the bed springs could be used around a candle somehow.
    The jar lids are a treasure!

  2. Could the jar lids be placed in a frame somehow so the light would shine through the milk glass? I can't see the glass from the pics.

    Do you really think you might want to sell the pieces from the bed?
    or....the whole bed? (hint hint)

    Jane (from Etsy- pink CAKE carrier)

  3. Springs: Photo or place card holder. (Just tweak the wire a bit to crimp a photo) Might be too big...can't get a good idea of the size.

    Quilt frame: Use the boards as door trim. The number markings are fantastic.

    Zinc lids: Mobile, or wall sculpture

  4. Another idea for the quilt frame: Make frames out of it...would be perfect for showcasing wall quilts, or scraps of old quilts.

  5. I was thinking candle holders for the springs as well but there's probably something else, at least you could add beads, etc. to them. The lids I would turn into a piece of wall art or else line a doorless doorway. I think the picture frame idea is great for the quilt frame.

  6. i like desert divas idea about using the quilt frame wood as frames for pictures or quilts. ....the others, am drawing blanks right now!

  7. Those bed springs fit right over the top of a wine bottle - so you could weld some together and make a wine holder or just put one on a bottle and hang some doodads off it and have a party.

  8. I use the heck out of old bed springs!! I make snowmen heads or stars and attach them to the top and make "make do's" out of them, they can be used as Christmas tree toppers with the star on top. And the zink lids, I wish I had some, I use them for prim pin cushions, made a circle of fabric to fit the lid, stuff very tight, wrap floss around to make sections then add a vintage button to the middle and hot glue in the lid so cute .... you have some treasures for sure.


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