Day 4: Repurpose Week--From The Web

How about repurposing when the new purpose is just fun, something to look at and say, "Ha, look at that!" or "Hhhhmmm, who'd a thought of that?"
"Funky Chicken"
Cat Bishop creates sculptures out of junk, found objects, and cast offs.

"Scrapyard Duck"
Check out catbishop here on Flickr for the artist's 1000 piece collection. Cat Bishop also has a shop on Etsy where you can buy one of these unique sculptures or a print of one.

"Espresso Family"

Find more from Cat Bishop here at Junk Market Style.

Bridiemurphy at Junk Market Syle has this fun piece.

"Dead Tools Walkin'" from Elcsco at Junk Market .

This really makes me look at my "junk" in a new way! Or it makes me want to write a story about one of them. How about that "Espresso Family" --Doesn't the little one look like a beligerant 8 year old?-- and the parents are looking at each other lamenting the fact that they let her have too much caffeine!


  1. fun stuff. i love that someone can 'see' this in their head and then make it. everyones got a talent indeed.

  2. Those are so fun! The scrapyard chicken and the funky duck are my favs!


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