Day 5: Repurpose Week

This iron bed frame is just beautiful, but in rough shape and wouldn't work very well for a bed. Now it holds some of my linens! I have the baseboard of this beautiful bed yet waiting for a new purpose (or does someone want to buy it?)

Love the door knobs--- even without the door.

This one hold a collection (just a few) of my aprons.

I wish I could claim this, but we bought this door remade into a shelf unit at an antique store. The lighting was tough for a picture and doesn't show the beautiful patina very well.

Something needs to hang from this knob!

I made two lamps a few years back out of old spools. I bought a lamp kit--really not too hard. I collaged over the plain purchased shade.

I do love vintage pattern, images, and words.
The ads are especially fun to read through!

This is a wire bale that was on an old jar--used to snap the glass lid down. I got a few of these in a box once at an auction.

Now, they serve as hangers for a collection of tea towels I have. I wrapped muslin around each wire under the towel so I wouldn't get rust on the towels.
Tomorrow, I'm asking for help and ideas for a few things I have but just can't come up with what to do with them.
Enjoy your day!


  1. You have lots of cool ideas and very neat stuff. I've been in the basement. I'm still contemplating the little tiles for the table, just haven't arrived a good plan!! love yu, Danita

  2. Oh my goodness! I love it all! It is so much fun to come up with projects like this. I'm sure the clerks at the thrift stores think I am crazy sometimes because of the things I buy. I will tell them, "I have no idea what this is, but I will use it for something."

  3. Lots of cool things! That is a great cast iron headboard! It looks pretty with your linens on it.

    Summer Kitchen Interiors was asking me if I had any for a customer of theirs that was looking for a cast iron bed. You don't see a lot of them and they can be pretty pricey. So I'll bet someone would love to have your foot board!


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